Why Fresco

We Love Dogs

Here at FRESCO, we care about the wellbeing of our canine companions, and understand that owners want the best for their four legged friends. With this in mind, we are fed up with grain based extruded or cold pressed dog foods and dog treats from Asia and we developed a new line of natural dog foods and treats. From puppy to full grown, FRESCO aims to provide your dog with high-quality, all-natural products that promote good health without sacrificing flavor and all at a great price.

We Only Offer the Best

Because we only use the best you always get the best. No matter which FRESCO Dog Product you buy, you can be sure that it is 100% natural meat, fruits and vegetables. What you don’t find is wheat, rice, corn, soy, colors, flavors, preservatives, bone meals or other fillers. FRESCO products are never from Asia. They are made with Love in Germany, under strict IFS food safety quality control guidelines and regular government and laboratory testing, to insure only the best quality. All ingredients are carefully selected, locally sourced and 100% traceable. All FRESCO dog treats are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We produce 100% natural, unique and affordable dog foods and treats like:

A newly developed dried dog food with the same ingredient than natural raw food. This revolutionary product is not extruded or cold pressed it is gently oven dried within 24 hours maintaining all proper ingredients.

A new line of natural meaty dog treats and mini trainer with or without superfoods and absolutely no preservatives, chemicals, or additives.

A great line of natural body parts in a great variety. Best quality and best prices.

We’re Socially and Ecologically Aware

We undergo strict German government labor control and apply the highest environmental standards. We use Eco friendly pellet burners in our drying ovens to guarantee a sustained production process.

Our highly skilled workers are paid over average and are directly contracted without time or works contracts.

Most of our Raw material is locally sourced being in the middle one of the biggest meat regions in Europe. All our raw material comes from human consumption approved plants and is carefully selected.